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  • ZINO Pro Plus Standard version

ZINO Pro Plus Standard version



Estimated delivery time: 3 working days after the payment confirmation shipped from US warehouse.

  • Ultra HD 4K

  • HD digital image transmission distance 8KM(Japan specifications:2KM)

  • Three Axis Gimbal

  • Detachable Filter

  • Automatic Return Home

  • Loss Control Failsafe

  • Lower Battery Failsafe

  • Max Flight Time 43 Minutes

  • Maximum flight speed:10m/s ( S mode)

  • Maximum flying altitude:500m

  • Maximum take-off altitude:4000m

  • Flyable wind speed: Wind speed 16.0 m / s or less

  • Maximum weight that can be carried:30g

  • GPS Mode, Attitude Mode
  • Image stabilization system
  • Mechanical three-axis stabilization gimbal
  • Image acquisition: image chip Ambarella A12S
  • Max Bitrate:60Mbps
  • Sensor sony 1/3 inch
  • Removable lens: can be equipped with filters (ND4/ND8/ND16/ND32) (Optional Purchase)
  • Image transmission system: SyncLeas
  • Higher image clarity and more stability
  • Image transmission distance 8km(Japan specifications:2KM)
  • Battery: The latest polymer-powered 3s smart battery with a capacity of 5000mHA
  • Life time: 8m/s flying at a constant speed(no wind environment): 43 minutes; hovering time (no wind environment): 39 minutes
  • Charging: Support intelligent charger, support 3 batteries to charge at the same time, the battery can be used as a power bank for external power supply
  • Image Tracking: frame the target and the aircraft will active track mode
  • Vision-assisted landing: It will automatically search the apron when the aircraft performs landing, land on the apron and implement accurate landing
  • Wind resistance: Level 5
  • Surround Mode: Set around the center and fly around the center point
  • Panoramic photos, spherical panoramas, 180° panoramas, vertical shots, wide-angle [only take sub-photos, do not support synthesis]
  • Time-lapse photography, free delay, surround delay, directional delay, track delay
  • Note: Zino Pro+ cannot use Zino and Zino Pro batteries, otherwise it will burn the motherboard!




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